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Digital transformation has been an essential factor in ensuring business survival over the past few months. For many years, business owners and leaders have known that it was a needed transition. However, COVID-19 made the urgency to deploy digital solutions necessary, as it is now an important component of business strategy more than ever.

Operating digitally is the only way to stay in business through mandated shutdowns and restricted activity. It’s go digital, or go dark. This has already impacted many organizations that were not digitally prepared.

Accenture research conducted at the end of 2019 measured differences in digital technology adoption, depth, and culture penetration and found that the top 10% of companies (“leaders”) grow revenue at two times the rate of the bottom 25% (“laggards”). The two groups’ approaches and methods are dramatically different. For example, leaders have adopted automation and A.I. five times as fast as laggards, and have put in place strategies that give them high confidence in the reliability of their data. Strong digital foundations are already helping leading companies adapt to the crisis quickly.

Our Digital Solutions team is well suited to accelerate your digital transformation today.


Designing Technology

Designing technologies provide digital solutions for Design-Build and BIM Management. By utilizing generative design and simulations, it allows for efficient work flow with proven results


Advantages of Analytics

Investment into big data and analytics help companies make the right business decisions and will make the organizations leaner and smarter


Fast-forward to Cloud

Cloud technologies bring a must-have foundation to your digital core for scalability and platform infrastructure, which provides the innovation, efficiency, and talent advantages to do things differently and fast


User & Customer Experience

UX/CX has continued to drive business investments in digital transformation as companies eliminated unnecessary spending and focused more on better experiences


5G, AI, IoT

Virtualization has accelerated the need for better connectivity with smarter tools and hardware

Accelerate your Digital Transformation

Jae Hahn

Digital Design Manager - Digital Solutions, AECOM