BIM Management

BIM helps professionals across disciplines to optimize how they design, construct, and collaborate. We offer comprehensive BIM Management services covering projects varies from city scale transit systems to Net-zero buildings with world class team members.

Asset Data Management

With in-house experts, we provide solutions and guidelines to integrate Asset Management requirements as early as it can. We deliver sophisticated project workflow and pipeline to connect data from 3D models to third party Asset Management Platforms or customized Asset Management Apps.

Project Controls Support

With data-driven approach, we provide PM services for project schedules, guidelines and project health monitoring to ensure project information carries from start to the end meeting requirements from shareholders.

Construction Management Support

We offer Construction Management Services specialized in BIM that promotes effective communications between stakeholders. Through the use of BIM CDE,4D stimulation, and clash detection, we integrate construction data with design elements and monitor construction progress.

Design Platform Management

We are experts in Design Management and advocates for implementing BIM CDE (Common Data Environment) along with various data platforms. We bridge the communication gap between different trades by providing and managing an integrated design environment that facilitates efficient collaborations, and we automate data flows in between platforms to enhance project efficiency and reliability.

Generative Design

Leveraging the latest technology, we fully integrate generative design to explore thousands of design options for each specific case. This design process can take inputs from shareholders, implement different optimization models, and eventually provide the best solutions out of many that the human brain can never achieve.


Ranging from pedestrian simulation, BIM 4D simulation, AR/VR, we take simulations as tools to help the team for better decision making. We are not just professional in utilizing software to generate simulations, but also experts on the theories, which grants the  capability to make better suggestion and customization


Evandrike Correia

Design Technology Specialist

Correia has 8 years of experience and is currently pursuing his PE/SE License. Correia’s experience range from Structural Design, BIM Management, QAQC Management and an ongoing passion to implement new technology on mid/large scale projects in order to facilitate the design, modeling and drafting processes. As a problem solver and a facilitator Correia always look to simplify any issues he faces in order create a less complicated workflow.

Damion Long

Design Technology Specialist

Damion Long is a Design Technology Specialist with 9yrs of BIM experience in AEC industry. He has worked on a variety of projects across Healthcare, Transportation and Retail. His expertise includes Model and Document management and Model Coordination. His Software proficiency includes Revit, BIM360 Navisworks, also being very knowledgeable of emerging technologies in AEC space such as Drones and Virtual Reality.

CM-BIM, Revit CP

Yu Liu

Design Technology Specialist

Yu (Louis) is a Design technology specialist with 6 years of experience working in AEC BIM environment and using computational Tool to assistant design and engineering team. He worked on mid to large projects including Airports, Subways, Museums, commercial buildings and luxury residential buildings. He is proficient in Revit Dynamo and his BIM experience has been providing support to BIM standard management, 2D drawings, 3D modelling, clash detection, BIM data management and visualization. Apart from BIM, he is a façade designer and a jewelry designer. He is strong at communication and coordination to optimize the collaboration and enhance the efficiencies throughout delivery. He is a quick learner that enjoy achieving skills from new technologies like Data science and Blockchain. He believes that design + technology will make us a better world.

Dhananjay Patel

Design Technology Specialist

He is a BIM technology enthusiast. Having worked as a project engineer, he has gained knowledge of onsite workflow and works to help optimize the process which can expedite the workflow. He specializes in Automation of tasks with help of programming language and computational designing. Also, he has experience in creating visualization of project tasks which helps in better understanding of the project. Apart from that he is also tries to explore technologies outside of general BIM circle which can help further in the automation.


Heidy BosquesMendez

Design Technology Specialist

Experienced in a variety of projects ranging from architecture, fabrication, and engineering. She has experience working with BIM Services, design technology, QAQC structures, and procedures. She has also worked on the design, detailing, and modeling of mid to large building projects, and has been involved in the coordination between contractors and engineering disciplines. Heidy holds a Professional Bachelor’s in Architecture and a Master's in Science of Architecture; focused on research, digital fabrication, and design. She merges the technical knowledge, researching skills, and design technologies towards design solutions.

Anthony Ferraiolo

Design Technology Specialist

Anthony is a recent graduate who specializes in using digital technology as a means improve design and enhance collaboration. He is strong with design analysis, design visualization and creating data workflows in architectural design in order to optimize collaboration. He loves solving complex problems and learning new things.

Alexandros PrinceWright

Design Technology Specialist

Alexandros is a recent graduate from Columbia University with a Master of Architecture degree and holds a Bachelor of Science in architecture. His background in design jumpstarted an interest in Building Information Technology, data analysis, and visualization. Alexandros finds value in design technology, and he strives to find efficient solutions to every problem

Anastasios Papadopoulos

Design Technology Specialist

Anastasios is a trained architect and design technology specialist with 6 years of experience, working on small to large scale projects. He has a strong proficiency in BIM technologies and design applications. He is a creative individual with strong problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and innovation skills. Anastasios understands all phases of design and construction and has a strong knowledge of how buildings are put together within the AEC industry standards. Anastasios strives for creative thinking, attention to detail and design excellence.

Gloria Hwoang

Design Technology Specialist

Gloria is a Design Technology Specialist with 2 years of experience in small to large scale projects, including the Borough Based Jails in New York, JFK Bergen Substation, Alternate Care Facility at Old Westbury, and the Ontario Line South. Her interest lies heavily in architectural design and visualization, but her ultimate goal in her career is to improve workflow between all disciplines by way of the ever evolving technology. She holds a Bachelor's in Architecture, and she is currently pursuing her degree of Master of Science (MS) at Columbia University in the Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics in order to broaden her knowledge in the AEC Industry. With the help of her studies and experience, she is hoping to find a wider range of solutions for team collaboration.

Mina Nassif

Design Technology Specialist

Mina is a highly motivated professional with diverse experiences in implementing and executing BIM protocols, including setting up Revit models, developing and implementing BIM standards, training team members, coordinating daily BIM activities, and mentoring project teams on best practices. Mina has been utilizing Dynamo and produced scripts to speed up the tedious processes for Designers and Engineers in BIM World.

Chris Pekopoulos

BIM Specialist II

I am a BIM Specialist II under the Design and Technology Team. I have been part of the team for the last nine months working on the REM project in Canada and more specifically on the EMP station. I have completed my B.Sc. degree in Structural Engineering (Greece) and continued with completing a M.Sc. degree in Construction Management (UK) and a second M.Sc. in Architectural Engineering (Denmark).

Nina Moradi

Ruohan Yang

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