DesignOps supports to build stronger design team putting Human-Centered approach as a core value. It amplifies orchestration of individuals, processes, and tools as increasing the value of the product team and impact at scale.

UX / UI Design

Our team puts users at forefront during the design and development process of digital products. We empathize with users and amplify product satisfaction by enhancing the quality of usability and accessibility of the system as ensuring simple, efficient and aesthetically pleasing interface. We also focus on providing unique visual systems that meets client’s brand personality into the system.

Web Design

We design a flawless and seamless experience website to help B2B and B2C clients to connect with their core audiences and target markets. We leverage technology to meet audiences’ high expectations with intuitive, beautiful and optimized experience across all platforms.

Interaction Design (IxD)

Bringing digital experience to real life by providing interactive system with meaningful dialogue and behavior between users and the digital systems. It involves elements like graphic, motion, sound, space and voice.


Fulfilling strategy, planning, and success measurements are foundational work of marketing. We offer fresh insights and unique perspective to implement actionable marketing strategies to increase the awareness of a campaign or product launch.


We design original brand identities for our clients to connect their organization’s culture, mission, and vision to strengthen and enhance their customer loyalty and brand value.


Listening and collaborating with our clients to craft visual stories that will resonate with the audience. We produce videos with purpose and compelling stories to increase audience awareness and engagement.

Team Members

Jae Hahn

Digital Product Design & UX Manager

Jae Hahn has over 10+ years of professional multiple-disciplinary design experience in design direction, product and systems design, project controls analysis and design, UX/UI/GUI design, user/work flow systems design, data analytics and visualization, automated reporting designs, project documentation design, and focuses on digital solutions development. Jae is known for his meaningful user centric design and can easily articulate complex ideas and visualize them in an intuitive and user-oriented layout. He also has past experiences that consists of, industrial design, web design & development, corporate brand identity, print and digital media production, online marketing and strategy, video production, and design consulting.

During his free time, Jae is busy hanging out with his wife and their 3 beautiful cats named Suri, Rookie, and Khaleesi.

Rhode Island School of Design, 2009 Bachelor of Fine Arts - Industrial Design
MIT Sloan School of Management, Spring 2008, Product Design & Development

Amanda Lee

Interaction Designer

Amanda is a passionate designer who knows how to code. She is now focusing on creative technology such as Interactive web, Mixed Reality and Data visualization to bring more immersive and engaging experience to AEC industry. Out of office, she loves taking daily photography and challenging herself by learning new skills like sound design, fabric arts and baking.

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