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The COVID-19 pandemic brought dramatic changes to every individual and it’s influencing our behaviors and preferences in daily life. People are adapting to new lifestyles to practice social distancing for their safety of themselves or loved ones.

As a result, demands on digital engagement are increasing rapidly and industries evolve their User & Customer Experience (UX/CX) strategies continuously to meet the market needs. It is important to learn about customers and empathize with them to provide tools to fulfill their new necessity during post coronavirus pandemic.

Here are some key factors in why industries need to emphasize customers to improve their experiences.



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People’s priority has changed.

Safety is now their priority. People want to minimize their exposure to public and try to fulfill their needs at a minimum contact. This requires businesses to come up with creative ways to provide services for their customers.

User age group has changed.

We can see bigger age groups are adopting to digital technologies in their daily lives. Many retail businesses are already seeing an increase in usage by older age groups since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Your users are forced into digital space.

Some in-person services are not available as they used to be. As a result, people are forced to get out of their comfort zones and do things differently. For example, more people started to use their bank’s mobile applications. Research says 6 million users downloaded their mobile banking apps, for the first time, between March 14 to April 14.

Get better digital products with a professional team.

The COVID-19 pandemic opened a new era for digital transformation. Businesses are rapidly evolving their user and customer experiences to successfully attain new needs. It is important to remember some users are new to the digital space, so we need to make sure that digital products are more intuitive and easier to adopt.
Digital products will now have to give users a more positive and seamless experience to solve their problems or to do their tasks while also ensuring simplicity.

Working with our experienced Digital Solutions team will make sure your investment is focused on conveying a tangible result and help your business to identify new opportunities.

Contact us to start a discussion on how we can leverage our expertise to enhance your user and customer experience.

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Jae Hahn

Digital Design Manager - Digital Solutions, AECOM